Frequently Asked Questions

What is the good inflation pressure of my tires?

On most of the vehicles, kbps 32 but it can vary from a vehicle to the other one. The necessary pressure is indicated to you on the side of the door of the conductive side.It is important to verify regularly the pressure of your tires for optimaliser your road holding and to decrease your gas consumption.  It is more recommended to make the inflating of your tires in the nitrogen because this gas is much more stable than the compressed air.

Is there a danger when the check engine light is on?

There is no immediate danger however it indicates  to you that there is a problem with the electronic systems of the vehicle.  To make the diagnostic, it is important to scan your engine.  Not taking care of the  diagnostics and repairs can cause major damages to your vehicle.

My vehicle is rented, do I necessarily have to make his maintenance to the dealer?

In any way, as long as your interview (maintenance) is made in agreement with the recommendations of the manufacturer, you have the choice to make your interview (maintenance) towards your choice. It is however important to keep (preserve) the invoices of your conversations (maintenances) with the respective mileage.  It will allow you to give evidence of the good behaviour of your vehicle and to make respect all the guarantees necessities, if need.

Your technicians are really qualified?

All our technicians are certified. Furthermore, inspectors make monthly checks of our repairs and fitnesses of our technicians to make sure that vehicles are taken care by competent people. AUTOCARE carries furthermore out the duty to facilitate the in-service training of our technicians so as to assure (insure) our customers of a quality service and the fine point (headland) of the headways (overhangs) of the automobile (automotive) domain.

Are you opened the weekend?

With the aim of facilitating your timetable, AUTOCARE is opened 6 days day of the week at 7:00AM to 6:00PM and on Saturdays from 7:00 am till 2:00pm.