Qui Nous Somme

A Familly Story

Autocare’s founder, Pietro Vizzaccaro was born in 1941 in Cassino, Italy.

Passionate about cars, he studied mechanics and started working in Fiat’s repairs. In 1961, he married Lucia and in 1962 they decide to immigrate to Canada.

Arriving to Montreal, he looked for job and was hired by Beaver Asphalt, in the night shift, for their trucks fleet repairs. He has always been an ambitious man who loved his profession and aspires to open his own business. In 1968, he found a day job in a gas station as head Mechanic.

He had 4 children and worked hard, 15 hour per day, to be able to satisfy his family needs and his financial obligations.

Amazing Mechanic, with a great reputation, he was then ready for his first repairs shop corner Papineau and Jarry. He was a great mechanic but a new manager and business is a hard world so he had to sell his shop a few months later. 4 children at home, no money, he was destroyed.

He found work pretty fast, this time in a transportation company where he took care of the fleet repairs. He was loved and respected by all for his efficiency and knowledge.

He still wanted to open his own shop and in 1974, with his brother Guiseppe, he opened a repairs shop on Leonardo Da Vinci Street. It was a great success! They worked hard and increased their management knowledge.

In 1978, he felt ready for an other challenge and bought a Texaco Station on Charleroi corner Lacordaire. He worked 7 days a week from 7.00 am to 11.00 pm. He was exhausted. He decided to rent the station to Texaco and stayed as a mechanic until 1983.

His former employer, whom he remained in contact with, offered him to be his associate for a new repairs shop in St Leonard. It was a spacious shop so he accepted.

His three sons were growing and were always by his side helping him after school. Pietro always told them to study and not to go in the mechanics business. He wanted for them a better life.

They both finished their studies, Tony is graduate in aviation mechanics, Bruno in bio-chemistry and Mario in Finances.

The boys loved the automotive business and were directly implicated in the shops. In 1987, Pietro repurchased the shares of its associate. The family business is now totally under his control. In 1989, he bought an other repairs shop in DDO which was a great success. «Club Essence» was created in 1991 as a repairs shop and gas station in Montreal-North. Then in 2002, «Club Essence» became «Autocare Montreal».

In 2004, on 5200 des Grandes prairies in St Leonard, the Autocare family grew and has now 3 garages, 6 associates and 38 employees ready to serve you. The Vizzaccaro’s still own the company and that, we hope, for many generations.